Redgage : A Marketplace To Earn Money

What is RedGage?

RedGage is a social marketplace to earn money. It is a website that pays users for their content and social activities such as, sharing blogs, photos, videos and links. It’s totally free.


I signed up with RedGage, after reading some positive reviews about it from my friends. And I pretty much loved the idea about being paid for my back-links! I have spent hell lot of time over there and in case you’re an author or blogger who endorse their posts regularly on Hub-Pages, you’d be thrilled to know that RedGage indeed pay you for your promotional work.

I’ll let you know about the real RedGage story via my own experiences with it:

How to utilize RedGage?

Signing-up for a RedGage account is absolutely free. Just fill out certain profile info and start uploading and sharing your content. And even in case you don’t have any friends yet on the site, still your content would be showcased to numerous users and as a result you’ll gradually make online cash as your content receives more and more online views.


However, personally I always felt that RedGage requires some improvements to enhance its usability (I hope that’s why they have updated their website). Now that doesn’t mean that the site is excessively difficult. The system does secure the entire info for the link excluding the pictures so that only final step needs to be redone. Although anyone who can easily use Hub-Pages or Face-book would not find it that difficult to navigate through RedGage.


Certain annoying issues as well as bugs on RedGage:

  • When signing in, you regularly need to click on the ‘login’ button at least twice.
  • Replies sending problems to the wall messages.
  • Pages occasionally take 3 to 4 seconds to load.
  • Online message format is quite confusing as well as cluttered.

The Good things:

  • Simple as well as easy sign-up.
  • Relatively easier to search for lots of friends.
  • Share revenue.
  • Your content is exhibited in a manner which is quite visually engaging.
  • The RedGage Visa card could be utilized almost anywhere!

How does RedGage pay?

Yes it’s true, RedGage does pay for real! And once you reach $25 milestone in your account, you can avail a $25 Visa card. And just to cross check the results, I posted 20 back-links to my hubs and I was astonishingly surprised. Just within few minutes, my account was credited with 6 cents. After a few days again my account was credited with 12 cents and my posted back-links are still earning me online cash. And so far, I’ve even received a bonus of 250 views to my hubs via RedGage.


Truly! RedGage provides something for everybody.

How can RedGage is beneficial for you?

In case you’re using Twitter or Face-book to promote your articles, you must definitely think about promoting via RedGage too. Apart from getting traffic and back-links, you’ll even obtain cash. Certainly the online cash isn’t free entirely as you’re shelling-out for it gradually, however since your work related promotion is so vital for its success; this is an incredibly good way to assist in counterbalancing certain promotional expenses.


Furthermore, in case you’re only interested in uploading and sharing things with others and are seeking for a good online social podium where some videos, pictures, links or written content could be uploaded, then this site certainly will be an awesome fit for you. It possesses a huge, friendly as well as budding community.


How much online money can one make with RedGage?

Well, everything depends on how much effort and time one can put into. Of the various types of content which you post online, the highest paid content is that of the photographs. In case photography is your hobby or you possess huge collection of photos in your PC or DVD, you surely can make some serious money online by uploading your photo-collection. And I would recommend you to focus on unique high-quality photographs. I have noticed many people just upload photos of other people being copied from ‘Google-Images’ and such photos don’t make money. The bigger amounts which I happen to notice were of the photographer’s account that had a big following about their work.



Now one certainly can make online money on RedGage some other ways too. I consider that for majority of people, the online money would be more of a by-product to promote their articles, links or photos; however, in all likelihood there’s always a chance that something out-of-the-blue becomes extremely popular and it pays out very well too.

RedGage, of course, won’t make you a millionaire overnight. The awesome thing about RedGage is it’ll keep on paying you overtime depending on your shared link. Therefore, even in case the HD picture clicked by you doesn’t stir any internet-sensation; still in all likelihood, it’ll surely bring-in certain changes over the long period.


And in case your only objective is to earn lots of online cash with RedGage, then I’ll surely recommend you to click high-quality photos as well as build up a big friends-network in order to share these with. It’s most likely an awesome way for anyone, who wishes to showcase their photography-skills.

Further ways to earn cash on RedGage:

Available in the form of a lottery, there’s a ‘Daily-Draw’ for visa card worth $25. And one lucky winner is chosen every day. I was lucky enough to win a draw and get $25, so it’s quite possible to win the ‘Daily-Draw’!


One can even earn money on RedGage by uploading quality content preferred by a moderator to get featured. Besides enhanced exposure, getting-in increased traffic, you’ll preferably get a special bonus in the shape of extra money.


RedGage surely would enhance your earnings as well as traffic, plus would keep on paying you overtime to do it.

How you should give RedGage a try?

In all likelihood RedGage would be relatively pretty much polished due to the website update. And apart from this, it’s an awesome platform to make a huge friends-network as well as promote your blogs or hubs. It’s a great online podium to achieve back-links, traffic as well as online cash by just sharing your work.


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