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Sky price RISE: Here's how much more you'll have to cough-up

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Sky TV customers’ bills are set to increase by an average of £2 to £3 a month

Sky TV customers face a new price hike today. it was confirmed after i called up sky customer services over phone just to confirm the price hike....

From this morning, Sky TV customers’ bills are set to increase by an average of £2 to £3 a month.


However those who subscribe for the satellite broadcaster’s premier package – dubbed The Complete – will see a jump of £4.25, taking the total cost to an eye-watering £80 a month.

There’s also some bad news if you recently had Sky Q installed in your home.

The revolutionary new television kit, which boasts the ability to beam content wirelessly around your home or take recordings with you on the road, will now start from £44 per month – a rise of £2.

SKY TV prices have gone up, with some customers now being asked to cough-up an extra £40 extra per-year.

Sky TV’s most complete package will now set you back a whopping £80 per month

Customers have already been notified about the changes to their monthly bills by letter or email. or you can also enquire by calling at this sky contact number given here.


But it’s not all bad news.

Sky has claimed some customers will actually see a reduction to their bill, while others will have no increase at all.


Speaking about the price rise, a spokesperson for Sky said: “We are always investing to keep Sky the best value entertainment choice for customers.

“On average, bills will rise by less than £3 a month.”

Are YOU happy to pay the monthly price for Sky TV?

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